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Drawing on our broad experience in the lighting industry, SKKLD has become a leader in providing custom integrated solutions for discerning customers, while being ever conscious of strict timeframes and budget.

We don’t provide equipment that is sitting on the shelves; we work hand in hand with many equipment manufacturers to provide lighting products and services that suit each project best. If necessary we can provide a bespoke solution to fit our clients needs. In our work, we follow the maxim that the  devil is in the details, and we apply this belief to our business for optimal results. 


Our in-house 3D rendering and video capabilities generate images to help realize your design. Choose from photorealistic images to simplistic drawings to give a “soft” look and feel of the project, to fully cueing your project. From concept to completion, we can generate states that express key concepts and product images. Our ability to connect to various lighting systems allows us to be walk in ready, with control systems that have been programmed ahead of time to represent these states in your renders, reducing programming time and increasing time to collaborate. We work in a variety of programs from Vectorworks, Sketchup, and Autocad, to WYSIWYG, Twin Motion and Depence. 


SKKLD has 25 years of experience in theatrical, television, special event, entertainment and architectural lighting, drawing on this knowledge for each project.  Solutions are suggested based on real-world usage and performance, as well as research. From inception to completion, we oversee each stage of the project to ensure seamless integration of the lighting design and system with all other elements; from scenic and rigging, to sound and projection. Our team provides full lighting services; from design, previsualization and renderings, on site labor and supervision, equipment purchase and rental, setup, operation and removal.


SKKLD designs complete lighting systems that meet the demands of today, while leaving room for future artistic and technical innovation. We excel and take pride in collaborating with colleagues and craftsmen to create fully integrated, thoughtful, responsive, and dynamic designs, from the interface to the lighting fixtures. Whether it be retrofitting an existing design to enhance the look and feel, or to modernize the system to accommodate new technologies, our team has the expertise needed.

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